Description: is an exciting online multiplayer game where players control adorable paper animals and compete against each other in a virtual world. The game features vibrant graphics, smooth gameplay, and a wide variety of cute characters to choose from.


In, players navigate through a colorful environment, collecting coins and power-ups while avoiding obstacles. The objective is to outlast and outscore other players by strategically using special abilities and unique skills of each animal.

Choose your Animal

The game offers a diverse selection of paper animals for players to select from. Whether you prefer a cunning fox, a swift rabbit, or a wise owl, each animal has its own set of strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized to gain an edge over opponents.

Upgrade and Customize

Throughout the game, players can earn coins to level up and unlock new abilities for their chosen animal. Additionally, a wide range of customization options are available, allowing players to personalize their animals with different skins, hats, and accessories.

Multiplayer Competition thrives on its engaging multiplayer experience, pitting players against each other in fast-paced and thrilling matches. Compete against friends or take on strangers from around the world to see who can achieve the highest scores and become the ultimate paper champion.


  • Engaging multiplayer gameplay
  • A variety of adorable paper animals to choose from
  • Unique skills and abilities for each animal
  • Unlockable upgrades and customization options
  • Compete against friends and players worldwide

Note: requires an internet connection to play. Get ready to embark on an epic journey and show off your skills in this cuteness-filled virtual world!

Q: How do I start playing PaperAnimals io online?
A: To start playing PaperAnimals io online, go to the game page and follow the on-screen instructions, typically by clicking the "Play" or "Start" button. Registration is usually not required to begin playing.
Q: What are the controls in PaperAnimals io?
A: Control of your character or object in the PaperAnimals io is typically done using the keyboard (e.g., WASD for movement) and the mouse (for aiming and actions). Additional control buttons and settings can be found in the in-game menu.

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