About is a fun multiplayer game where the goal is to control your ball by moving it around various small levels and outlast every other ball. The rounds are usually short and very intense because your enemies will try their best to make everyone else fall and hit the bottom of the screen which means instant death. Avoid getting pushed off the platforms, bump into unsuspecting players and stay on top for as many rounds as you can!

The best way to play Bonk io is probably using a keyboard. Move left, right, up and down by pressing the corresponding arrow keys. Up will also make the ball jump if you are standing on the ground. There is an additional and very important control to keep in mind: you can press X to become heavier making you more difficult to push around. Doing so can also affect how your ball interacts with the environment: by holding the button you can remain heavy for as long as you like to move some of the elements of certain levels making things more difficult for everyone else.

Bonkio is completely free and can be played in any modern browser. If you crave some good old free-for-all online goodness with simple mechanics and responsive controls, this is definitely a game you would want to check out!

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